The Secret Winning Lotto Word

Published: 21st July 2009
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The Secret Winning Lotto Word

By Steve Paul

If you want to increase your number of lotto wins, (and who doesn't?), there is one word that you can do to acheive it............INCREASE. I'm not talking about just the big jackpot wins. In fact, I'm talking more about the smaller lotto prizes, the ones that produce regular wins that keeps cash in your pocket and funds your future plays. After a while, these smaller wins start to add up.

So, what do you INCREASE to get more smaller lotto wins?

1. INCREASE the number of tickets you play. Don't play multiple different games at the same time. Focus on one game only, and then play as many tickets as you can afford on that one game. Spreading your money among multiple games will only dilute your chances.

2. INCREASE the amount of money you spend per game. Don't buy a handful of tickets. If you can't afford more than a few at at a time, save up until you do and play the larger number of tickets.

3. INCREASE the time you spend planning and setting your goals. Write them down and review them. This will help keep you motivated to keep playing lotto and thinking positively always helps.

4. INCREASE your winning odds by playing a good lotto System. Make sure you play one that eliminates all the bad, non-winning numbers and combinations. The system I use does just this and you can get a look at it on my website.

5. INCREASE your play intelligence by diversifying. If you use a system that tells you when to play and when not to play, find something else to keep you busy while you're waiting for your system to give you the green light to play again. Don't waste money when your system says, "Don't play".

Follow these 5 ways to INCREASE your lotto play and you'll discover how winning can come much easier. Remember, however, to use good sense when budgeting your lotto play money. Don't go overboard and spend what you can't afford. Use a good system, trust its rules, and play consistently, whatever your budget allows.

Happy Winning!

Steve Paul

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