The Lotto Winning Formula Secret

Published: 18th July 2009
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The Lotto Winning Formula Secret

By Steve Paul

You hear a lot in the news these days about wealthy people being unhappy, especially ones that gained their wealth through a big lottery win. It's almost like it comes with the the lottery...get cash and misery!

But, according to all the research of big lottery winners, the majority are happier after they won. As time goes on, their level of happiness returns to normal before they won the big prize. This behavior is because we are adaptive humans. We get used to a certain level of comfort, and then our expectations rise to meet it. And then we require more comfort to sustain that level.

Like anything else in life, if you don't have a clear picture of the benefits a big lotto win will bring you, you're not going to maintain much interest in getting there. After a couple of lotto losses, you'll get frustrated and wonder why you're never lucky. Then you start making all kinds of excuses not to play:

-You don't feel like going to the store to play;

-The tickets are too much for your budget;

-You don't like standing in line;

-You won't win anyway

In life, it's very easy to get complacent and forget about your future wealth and happiness possibilities. Here's how to stay motivated when playing lotto for that big jackpot:

-Visualize a future life of ease and luxury and all the specific things that entails, a beautiful home, a vacation home on a sunny island, the ability to travel anywhere you want anytime, the good feelings of helping family members or your favorite charities, or maybe just doing nothing because you can. Really visualize these things so that you can actually see and feel them.

The point of this exercise is that if you think and believe that you will be happier after you win, you will stay motivated and play lotto consistently, which is what it takes to really win afterall. You will keep going when most people give up and never have a chance to win. The majority of lotto winners aren't the ones that rarely play a ticket or two here and there. The winners are the ones that play consistently and ritually.

Imagine the life after your jackpot win. That imagination of a happy life is one of the secrets to winning!

Happy Winning!

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