5 Lotto Myths Exposed

Published: 01st August 2009
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5 Lotto Myths Exposed

By Steve Paul

I hear from lottery players all the time, nervous about buying lottery systems on-line. I get comments like:

"I don't trust any person with my credit card on the internet." Or, "Will your email give my computer a virus?. Or, How can your system pick the winning lotto numbers, it's unachievable!"

Welcome to the world of upside-down information!

You see, lot's of myths have grown up around the internet. It's very akin to those urban myths where people wake up in a bathtub with no liver, or children who disappear from Disneyland.

So, I have another 5 mythbusting statements to add to this odd mix, and they all have to do with lotto and you.

Read on:

1. PDF files can't contain viruses. TRUE. The PDF file -which is what you obtain when you order any of the lotto file-based products I suggest - is totally virus-free. Even the courts in the USA receive the PDF file without question - and no other digital kind. That's how safe it is. Virus-free.

2. Credit card details can be stolen. TRUE. The details can be stolen...But here's the benefit. No one loses their cardmoney- ever. If you have ever been nervous about using your creditcard online, don't lose sleep any longer. It is 100% safe because if there's any problems the banks will top up your account again. Want proof? Just ask any bank. Don't rely on the internet to provide that information, because there's a lot of unfounded information about this. Double-check with the banks. You'll be pleasantly surprised about how secure your card is. I've been selling my products for over 13 years on the net and n-e-v-e-r had a problem.

3. No-one can pick the winning numbers in the lottery. TRUE. But, the system I use and recommend works in a completely unique way to any other lotto system. That makes it far more dependable, as Andy below point out:

"Just wanted to tell you that I had 4 winning number combinations last Wednesday in NSW lotto. I also had two winning games in this Saturday night's game. I have been winning something every couple of weeks since starting the system!"...Andy D.

4. There's no way to increase lotto wins. FALSE. There are many ways you can grow your odds - though these following should be used only with the system I use and recommend...Using any other system will simply multiply your losses:

A. Play more often.

B. Use more lines (tickets) per game.

C. Pick the correct week to play (using the system green light)

D. Join the Winner's Circle syndicate to increase your probability by hundreds of times.

5. The lotto system I use and recommend is only useful for small winnings. FALSE. The system I use has thousands of testimonials for all levels of wins up to as much as $3.2 million!

You can get more information on the lotto systems I use and advocate and other excellent lotto play tips for free on my websites.

Happy Winning!

Steve Paul

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